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If you have already reviewed some of our other website pages, then the material on this page won't be so surprising.


While most dental practices will insist that a treatment plan for replacing teeth will require multiple visits that might span a few to several months .... we can practically guarantee that nearly any patient can choose to have EVERYTHING done in one appointment.... regardless of treatment need. Follow up visits are incorporated, nonetheless, for follow up purposes that include monitoring of tissue healing and final restoration placements.

Combining the Right Technologies


How Many Dental Implants Do I Need?


Special (custom) instruments, 3D imaging, newly released treatment products and leading edge treatment protocols are at the heart of Dr. Nazarian's "one appointment dentistry."

For most patients, multiple extractions, bone grafting, implant surgery and placement of replacement teeth CAN and DO occur within the same appointment.

Many implant patients (including denture patients) are concerned with being toothless during their overall treatment.

In our office, regardless of how many teeth require removal or how many implants are planned..... none of our patients leave without teeth. Dr. Nazarian has a variety of methods and products for assuring immediate tooth replacement... even if extensive surgery is required.


Hours Become Minutes


Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art hospital grade I.V. sedation instrumentation.

Although Dr. Nazarian's formulations for using Oral Sedation are very efficient for many patients, IV Sedation, complete with a Licensed Anesthesiology RN is available for those who simply want the comfort level that a deep sleep experience provides.

Skillful combinations of medications can change the perception of a dental appointment of nearly any length to something that seems to have been completed in 15 or 20 minutes.

Sedation services, regardless of type or level, also provide the distinct advantage of eliminating the routine concern of discomfort associated with having one's jaw open for an extended period. Jaw muscles simply don't become uncomfortable over time.

Most of our patients who have had full mouth reconstructive dentistry are comfortably eating complete meals either the same evening of the treatment appointment or by the next morning.


Extensive Tissue Loss

In cases where bone loss has been extensive due to either gum disease issues or cumulative bone deterioration (due to poor treatment histories or direct trauma), an extra appointment may be required to place additional implants that best rehabilitates what was lost.

These secondary appointments are as comfortable as the first treatment appointment and tend to be very short.

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Dr. Nazarian has an exemplary record in assuring the best comfort imaginable for any dental implant patient.


Simply put, even the most complex dentistry can be "made" easily managed..... instead of endured.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Nazarian personally via our online Ask The Dentist Form. He will respond to you directly with the answers you seek to any questions about the material on this page.