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Technical Gallery

Surgical Templates: Implant Guide Basics

3D Imaging For Treatment Planning & Precise Implant Placement

Jawbone Refortification: Titanium Implants & Titanium Bridge #1

3D Treatment Planning For Full Mouth Teeth Replacement

Jawbone Refortification: Titanium Implants & Titanium Bridge #2

Embedded Titanium Implant Frame For Severe Bone Loss

Single Implant Molar Tooth Replacement

Best Solution For Long Term Endurance (avoiding bridgework)

Adding Bone for Simple One Tooth Replacement

Avoiding Invasiveness of 3 Unit Bridge (no anchor teeth grinding)

Popular Choice for Molar Tooth Replacement
Expected Extreme Bite Pressure Maintains Optimal Bone Health

Avoiding Bone Loss That Commonly Occurs Under A 3 Unit Bridge

Molar Teeth Replacement via Guided Implant Surgery

CT Scan Based Diagnostics Assures Rock Solid Placement – Balance

Tooth “Creation” for Congenitally Missing Canines

Baby Teeth – Yes | Adult Secondaries – No

3 Unit Bridge with Implant Anchors => Maximum Bite Strength
Avoiding Failures Caused by Modifying Adjacent Teeth for Anchoring

Maintain Bone – Adjacent Tooth Health

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