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Dental reconstruction can involve the use of restorative products only, such as multiple veneers to rebuild a smile line of healthy teeth or the popular use of full arch crown treatments to replace old, worn-out crowns, or “repair” healthy tooth structures that have deteriorated enamel, an unattractive shape, or loss of height.

Implant Dentures and Implant Bridgework: New Choices

Denture fabrication methods and materials have changed dramatically during the past several years. Dr. Nazarian offers a wide choice of easily affordable treatments that can recreate a new arch of teeth that looks and functions like titanium or zirconia bridgework.

Dentures, alone (unsupported), are known to cause significant bone loss within a few short years. Nonetheless, today’s cosmetic dentures can indeed be designed to have the critical bone stimulating properties of a traditional bridge.

Questions and Details

Dr. Nazarian can be most easily contacted via our online email Contact Form. He will respond to you directly with the answers you seek to unique questions or questions about the versatility of implant supported tooth/teeth replacements.