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Implant dentistry as a procedure (or constellation of procedures) has been employed since about 1965 through the efforts and research of Dr. P.I. Branemark.


The surgical protocols and implant components developed during those early years eventually became known within the professional dental community to be the "Gold Standard" of modern implant dentistry.

The Branemark protocol inarguably represents the best in what modern dentistry provides for tooth/teeth replacement options.

Dr. Nazarian, who performs oral surgery in Troy and surrounding areas, uses root form implants (physical characteristics of dental implants osseointegrate naturally - like natural teeth) in his treatment of patients needing dental implant services for replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth, anchoring crown and bridge systems or for stabilizing dentures.

When the importance of restoring normal dental function and maintaining jawbone integrity are primary issues, nothing surpasses the stability, endurance and bone stimulation properties of today's advanced dental implant technologies.

The osseointegrative properties of various dental implant designs, across a wide variety of manufacturers, is considerable. There is no single "one implant fits all" situation with dental practices that focus on cutting- or leading-edge implant dentistry practice. The best choice is derived from having the most choices.


Implant Hybrids: Location - Bone Health - Occlusal Forces

Dentists who have access to a variety of dental implant products from several different manufacturers will usually have increased successful treatment histories that are due to the increased use of specialized implant hybrids.

Implant products for upper jaw anterior placements differ from those used in the molar area, due primarily to bone density and the proximity of the sinus cavity. Occlusal forces also affect the selection of each implant for nearly every tooth.

In the lower jaw, bone height and density also varies along the arch. Occlusal forces may play a larger role in the size of the implant. The mandibular nerve is a critical nerve that can affect the depth of certain implants in certain locations. Hybrid implants exist for performing implant surgery in these critical areas.

Our new OcoBiomedical Bone Compressing Dental Implant

Our new OcoBiomedical
Bone Compressing Dental Implant

Imtec Mini-implant (MDI) Traditional Root Form

Imtec Mini-implant (MDI)
Traditional Root Form

Bone Compression Implant- Two-Piece Traditional

Bone Compression Implant-
Two-Piece Traditional

Bone Regeneration Hybrids

Nobel Biocare® and Ocobiomedical have each developed a new implant technology that will be a boon to implant dentistry for patients who have certain issues involving less-than-optimal bone integrity.

This new leading-edge technology can eliminate or minimize the need for bone grafting for many patients. Ordinarily, bone graft surgeries require 3 to 6 extra months for healing before the final implants are placed.

The "bone compressing" implant design creates osseointegrative qualities between the implant surfaces and surrounding jawbone that can normally take months to acquire through the usual process of bone augmentation and tissue grafts.

Some of the most well-known companies, including Nobel Biocare, Ocobiomedical, 3I™, Zimmer, Strauman and BioHorizons® maintain active and extremely competitive research activities in implantology and the science of osseointegration (the process of how an implant completely integrates into a jawbone).

Implantology is sure to continue advancing at a rapid pace. Dr. Nazarian's involvement with some of the leading companies and as an active lecturer and training material provider, assures our patients they will have a list of choices to address just about any imaginable need that can exist for replacing a single tooth, developing a fault-free fixed dental bridge, a custom immediate fixed denture, or stabilizing dentures and prosthetics.

Questions and Answers

Implant dentistry and the various surgeries that can accompany it can be quite confusing. Patients with special circumstances or questions are invited to contact Dr. Nazarian for understanding more about treatment possibilities.

Call our office today in order to schedule your dental implants consultation with Troy dentist Dr. Ara Nazarian.