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Minimal Preparation Veneers with EMax

A patient presented to my practice dissatisfied with the appearance of her teeth. As a child, she was prescribed antibiotics for recurring ear infections which resulted in severe staining within the surfaces of her teeth. Over the years, she had attempted various types of whitening to lighten these teeth with no such luck. Additionally, her posterior teeth had severe wear and cracks due to severe clenching and grinding. Using a combination approach of porcelain veneers on the anterior teeth and zirconia crowns on the posterior teeth, we were able to achieve the most ideal esthetics and function this patient was seeking for so many years.

Total Dental Implant Reconstruction

This patient presented from a two hour drive from my practice to see if he was a candidate for Total Implant Reconstruction treatment. Over the years, he had several teeth that were extracted because they were no longer salvageable. Additionally, the areas of missing teeth had very poor quality of bone. At his consultation appointment, a CBCT (3D X-Ray) was taken to see if the remaining teeth could be fixed or if the underlying bone would support dental implants.

Since the remaining teeth were non-restorable, guided surgery was used to ideally place dental implants to support upper and lower fixed restorations. In fact, the extractions, grafting and dental implants  were done at one appointment under IV sedation in a short amount of time. Today, our patient can eat, speak and function without pain or embarrassment.

Same Day Guided Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

A patient presented to my practice with advanced periodontal disease to the point where her remaining teeth were non restorable. The patient knew that there was no hope for these teeth, so she wanted to get dental implants. Once a CBCT scan was taken within our office, a treatment plan was created for upper and lower zirconia fixed bridges supported by dental implants.

Using iv sedation and guided surgery, we were able to extract, graft and place dental implants with fixed temporary restorations in one visit. In fact, once her treatment was completed, the patient commented that she choose our office for her full mouth implant reconstruction, even after visiting several other offices for consultations, because we could deliver everything in one location.

CAD CAM Zirconia restorations

A patient presented to my practice complaining of an uneven bite due to wear caused by her severe grinding and clenching. Upon clinical examination, it was evident that there were several areas of stress and wear not only in her teeth but also in her restorations. Our goal was to rebuild her bite to a more youthful, esthetic and comfortable configuration, so that her symptoms were relieved and teeth restored to proper form and function using CAD CAM Zirconia restorations.

Guided Dental Implant Placement and Restoration in a Narrow Ridge

A patient presented to my practice wanting to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Once the CBCT scan was achieved, a treatment plan was created where the ridge would be restored. A surgical guide was used to precisely place three dental implants into the ridge with the addition of graft material. Upon healing, the soft tissue surrounding the dental implants was very healthy, so an impression was taken for the final posts and crown restorations. With proper planning, placement and restoration we can predictably restore a patient’s smile to proper form and function.

Severe Cavities, Infection and Erosion Corrected by Dental Implants

A patient presented to my office for a consultation with severe discomfort and pain due to the cavities and erosion in his mouth. Once a 3D scan was taken, it was apparent that all 32 teeth were so infected that they had to all be removed. Using guided surgery software and surgical guides I was able to precisely place dental implants under IV sedation, so that the patient would walk out with fixed teeth. Here we see the photos and the X-Ray illustrating how accurately the dental implants were placed due to the hi-tech equipment and software we use within the office.

Same Day Implant Teeth Procedure

The Same Day Implant Teeth procedure involves placing four to six dual stabilization implants in strategic positions using guided surgery where the available bone can provide strong support. This eliminates the need for bone grafting in the vast majority of cases, even for patients who have experienced severe bone loss and were not eligible for implant supported teeth in the past. Due to the elimination of bone grafting, the Same Day Implant Teeth has made getting implant supported fixed bridges faster, more efficient and more affordable.

After initial diagnosis and preparation, Dr. Nazarian will perform the entire procedure on the same day utilizing IV sedation. This includes any needed extractions, placing all your implants and providing you with a functional set of replacement teeth which you will wear while your implants heal.

Removable and Fixed Implant Reconstruction

Too many people who have conventional dentures don’t wear them for the simple fact that they don’t stay in place. Dental Implants offer a way to keep dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence. This patient presented to my practice wanting to secure his top denture and a fixed replacement for the decaying teeth on the bottom arch.

At his consultation appointment, a CBCT (3D X-Ray) was taken to see if there was sufficient bone in the upper and lower arches to support dental implants. Since the remaining teeth in the lower arch were non-restorable, guided surgery was used to ideally place dental implants to support a lower fixed bridge. In the upper arch, dental implants were placed to support a palate free over denture. All the extractions, grafting and dental implants were done at one appointment under IV sedation in a short amount of time.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Professional and Social Success

Everyone loves a gorgeous smile. Bright, straight teeth make a person look young and vibrant. One study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that an attractive smile will make you appear more intelligent, successful, and friendly. Men and women of all ages can choose from non- or minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures to quickly achieve a sensational smile. Here’s a rundown on CAD-CAM restorations.

CAD-CAM is the acronym for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, which offers high precision and high quality restorations. The whole process involves 3D designing and imaging of the teeth using computer software. Once the restorations are designed by the computer under the direction of Dr. Ara Nazarian, the information is sent to a sculpting machine which creates the restorations to exact specification. The precision and fit of such crowns are much superior to manually built-up crowns. These materials are generally better in quality, strength, and durability than those used to make dental restorations in the traditional casting process. Dental restorations fabricated from CAD-CAM systems possess optimum strength over 1200 MPa compared to previous porcelain fused to metal restorations of 750MPa.

Dental Veneers


A dental veneer is an ultra-thin shell of tooth-colored porcelain that is bonded over the front surfaces of your teeth to correct dental issues including worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing, tooth discoloration, and chips or cracks.

To determine if you are a candidate for dental veneers, Premier Dental Center will schedule a preliminary consultation during which your oral health will be evaluated and all available treatment options discussed with Dr. Ara Nazarian.

During your consultation, you will actively participate in the “smile design process.” By sharing your preferences for the shape, length, width and color of the veneers and the change in the appearance of your smile, you help ensure that your proposed treatment will meet your expectation.

Implant Teeth in a Day


Get Instant Implant Teeth Today not Tomorrow

When patients present to Premier Dental Center for a full mouth dental Implant reconstruction due to failing teeth from decay or gum disease, we first start with a 3D scan within the office to identify the areas of bone. Using this information, Dr. Ara Nazarian virtually plans the placement of the dental implants in their most ideal position, so that patients walk out with fixed immediate temporaries on the day of their surgery in most cases. Recently there have been several patients from Macomb and Oakland county, however we see patients from all over. Please feel free to call us at 248-434-6117 for a consultation.