Treatments from Dr. Nazarian for Cracked Front Teeth


Dental Procedures That Fix Several Cracked or Broken Teeth?

Maybe you felt a sharp and brief pain while eating. Maybe you noticed something in the mirror right as you were about to brush your teeth. Perhaps someone you know pointed it out to you.

Regardless of how you discovered it, you now have a crack in your front tooth, and you want to know what to do.

Dental Procedures That Fix Several Cracked or Broken Teeth?

If you notice a cracked tooth, it’s very important to talk to your dentist. Depending on how the tooth is cracked, you may require no intervention, immediate treatment to save the tooth, or you may require a replacement tooth.

If you’re in the Troy, Michigan area then you are in luck. Dr. Nazarian of Premier Dental Center provides world class treatment for cracked front teeth. In this article, we’ll explore the problem of cracked front teeth, but also the treatments.

What causes cracked front teeth?

There are several reasons your teeth might have cracked:

  • Eating hard foods like nuts, ice, or hard candy

  • Getting hit in the mouth in sports or by accident

  • Grinding or clenching your teeth

  • Malocclusion that leads to uneven bite pressure

  • Exposing tooth enamel to different temperature extremes

  • Losing part of the tooth structure from fillings or natural wear

Healthy eating habits and regular care for your teeth can help prevent them from cracking, but nothing is a guarantee. Accidents can happen to anyone, but you can reduce your risk of experiencing cracked teeth by taking good care of your teeth.

What are different types of cracked teeth?

Believe it or not, there are actually several different ways you can crack your tooth. It can often be difficult for a patient to identify the type of crack they have from home, however, so it’s really important to check with your dentist.

1) Craze Lines: These tiny cracks only affect the outer enamel and are extremely common in adult teeth. Craze lines are very shallow, do not cause pain, and are of no concern beyond appearances. Treatment isn’t required unless you want to correct the way they look, which of course we are happy to do - veneers provide a great solution!

2) Fractured Cusp: Fractured cusps occur when a piece of a tooth’s chewing surface breaks. These mostly occur around a filling, rarely damage the pulp, and don’t cause much pain. Fractured cusps can be repaired with new fillings or a crown over the damaged tooth to protect it.

3) Cracked Tooth: In this instance, a crack extends from the chewing surface of your tooth vertically toward the root. Although the tooth is not separated into pieces, the crack can continue to spread (similar to a crack on your windshield) and will get worse over time. If the crack has only extended into the pulp of the tooth, it can be treated with a root canal and a crown. If, however, the crack goes from the surface of your tooth to below the gum line, it is too late to treat the crack. The tooth will need to be extracted. Having your dentist diagnose and treat these early are essential to saving your teeth.

4) Split tooth: This occurs when a cracked tooth progresses so far that the crack creates distinct, separate segments of a tooth. As you can imagine, a split tooth cannot be saved. Depending on the position and extent of the crack, however, some portion of the tooth might be saved.

5) Vertical root fractures: These cracks begin in the root of the tooth and extend upwards or downwards to the chewing surface. Because they occur below the gumline and show minimal signs and symptoms, they can go unnoticed for some time. In fact, vertical root fractures are often not discovered until the surrounding bone and gum become infected. Treatment may involve extraction of the tooth, but surgery can sometimes save the tooth by removing the fractured portion.

The Dr. Nazarian Difference


If you need to receive treatment for cracked teeth, then it’s time you learned about the Dr. Nazarian difference. He has over 20 years experience in treating dental issues like cracked teeth. He has developed proprietary techniques and service delivery methods that take advantage of both standard and custom-made dental products. He loves to learn and stay updated on the latest dental technology, and he also invests significant time teaching others.

When it comes to receiving treatments for cracked teeth from Dr. Nazarian, you know the following will be true:

  • He will use the latest technology, some of which he has custom made himself.

  • The process will be fast, efficient, and pain-free.

  • Since cracked front teeth don’t receive as much bite pressure as the molars, veneers or cosmetic bonding might be the only treatment required.

  • If a dental crown is required, Dr. Nazarian’s proprietary treatment methods that use the Espe Lava product line will enable most patients to have 100% porcelain crowns, as opposed to crowns that also include metal.

  • If extraction and replacement of the cracked tooth is required, he provides a range of implant options to suit your needs. Once again, Dr. Nazarian’s use of custom-made and cutting edge technology allow him to perform the entire procedure of extracting and replacing with implants in a single day.

Do you have a cracked front tooth?

If you have a cracked tooth, then it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible. Remember, treating them early can prevent the cracks from growing and requiring extraction.

If you live in or near Troy, Michigan, then contact us at Premier Dental Center to schedule your appointment. We are confident that we can help improve the health and look of your smile, and we are also confident that you will love the results!

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