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Are you overly anxious of going to the dentist to get routine treatment? Do you have to get multiple dental implants, which typically requires the use of IV sedation?


IV sedation is safe because of the constant monitoring that occurs during your appointment. We will ensure that you remain safe and pain free.

Before receiving IV sedation, your dentist will complete a thorough examination of your medical history, current medications, and dental needs to ensure this type of sedation is right for you.

Rest assured, you will feel completely relaxed, stress free, and comfortable during the entire appointment.

When you receive IV sedation, Dr. Nazarian can perform more than one dental procedure during the appointment (as opposed to coming back for several appointments).

If you are extremely fearful of dentist appointments or if you need invasive procedures to fix your dental problems, call us to find out if IV sedation (or another form of sedation) is right for you. We can schedule a consultation appointment to speak with you about your options.