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Dr. Nazarian has been placing dental implants for several years. He is recognized professionally as one of the few practicing dentists who is an “in demand” expert for training others via regional seminars and national conventions.


The desire to be at the leading edge of technological advancements in dentistry is the basis for his awareness of and application of treatment protocols that many dentists and specialists have yet to even hear of.

As such, his ability to provide services that offer multiple choices of treatment possibilities while assuring the elimination of costs associated with using referrals to outside specialists is well known, especially by other dentists.


Oral Surgery

Dental implant surgery, for some patients, may require the extraction of several teeth and/or the possibility of bone grafting treatments.

Our office provides extraction services that are unsurpassed in the South East Michigan area. Dr. Nazarian’s use of proprietary protocols routinely remove teeth in minutes, not hours, regardless of a patient’s particular desire for comfort.

Bone grafting, whether planned or unplanned (difficult extractions may require grafts to replace damaged bone) is provided routinely on an as-needed basis DURING the extraction treatment. No extra appointments needed.


Periodontal – Gum Treatment

Soft tissue loss accruing to tooth removal, gum disease or other unique tissue conditions are commonly dealt with via the growth of healthy, new tissue.

Our use of the latest technologies in tissue regrowth typically provides more than ample regeneration of bone and gum tissue where it is needed the most, not only for oral health reasons, but for cosmetic reasons that are typically desired by many patients.

Many periodontists (oral surgeons, too) have acquired specialty skills in dental implant placement yet are not involved with the actual placements of individual teeth (crowns) or a span of teeth (conventional bridgework).

Last minute adjustments or changes that are needed “during” treatment are best handled and resolved by the dentist who is actually replacing the teeth– a specialist, in this instance, relies on the ability of the referring general dentist to accommodate the changes that were made (a common source of treatment errors).

Dr. Nazarian recognized this treatment problem many, many years ago. Nothing beats having a dentist who “does it all.”


Prosthetic Choice Decisions

Patients who seek the best that diagnostics and treatment possibilities can provide, and patients who want to experience the best advantages of their treatment dollars (avoiding retreatments due to failures) particularly like our routine use of 3D scans.

The choice of implants, partials, bridgework, all-on-four implants, or implant-anchored dentures versus standard dentures can be a poor treatment choice or an ideal treatment choice. Our technologies eliminate the guesswork and the usual concerns over using treatment dollars wisely.


Cost Containment

Our patients recognize, almost immediately, the considerable savings gained by eliminating the need for outside referrals. Our technologies and advanced treatment protocols assure that no expensive visits to specialists will be required.

Our use of advanced diagnostic and treatment planning services assures the best choice of treatment and restoration (in terms of treatment dollars) that a patient can make. Additionally, the thoroughness of assessment eliminates a common concern that expensive retreatments will be necessary in the foreseeable future.

Lastly, patients who take advantage of our sedation support services can literally undergo a complete treatment (full mouth reconstruction) in only ONE appointment. No inconvenient, costly multiple visits that might require several months with other dentists.


Doing What Makes the Most Sense

While sensible dentistry is practiced by nearly every dentist, there are a select few who do their best to deliver what is MOST sensible, in terms of what is possible with tomorrow’s technologies.

Contact Dr. Nazarian directly (via our Ask The Dentist form) to learn more about obtaining the best value possible for your treatment need.