Same Day Dental Implants? Teeth in a Day from Dr. Nazarian


Are you interested in getting some new teeth? Maybe you’ve recently lost a couple in an accident, or perhaps some were extracted due to tooth decay. Maybe you’re starting a new job soon, or you’re attending a special event and you want a full set of teeth for pictures.

Whatever your reason for wanting new teeth, the gold standard for teeth replacement is dental implants.

If you’ve spent much time searching the web or spoken to your dentist, you’ve probably heard of dental implants. They provide many benefits, including:

  • They look great and provide a great smile.

  • Implants encourage a healthy bite.

  • They provide a permanent solution that will not fall out of your mouth.

  • Implants are easy to care for and to maintain; just treat them like your natural teeth.

  • They enable a stronger and healthier jawbone.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to get dental implants, but many dentists will tell you the process can take several appointments and months to complete. This can frustrate a lot of people, especially when you want to fix your smile quickly!

Fortunately, at Troy Dental Implants, Dr. Nazarian has provided a better way and offers new teeth in a day.

What is the "Teeth in a Day" Procedure and What Does it Cost?

What is the Best Way to Replace a Full Arch of Teeth?

How is it Possible to Get Teeth in a Day?

As we said before, most dental practices insist that replacing teeth will require multiple visits to multiple dentists and it might span several months. We can shorten the process significantly for the following reasons:

  • Dr. Nazarian uses special, custom tools that speed up the process.

  • 3D imaging technology gives us a perfect picture and enables better planning.

  • We stay at the leading edge of treatment protocols and technology.

  • We can handle multiple procedures in one office.

How Same Day Dental Implants Work


If you’re interested in getting new teeth in a day, the first step is to visit Dr. Nazarian for an individual evaluation. He will take 3D scan images of your mouth and determine how much work is required. For instance, if you’ve been without teeth for a long time, your jawbone may have faded and you may require bone grafting to replace lost bone.

Dr. Nazarian will discuss different treatment options for your unique needs. He will explain the entire process using advanced computer software, showing how an implant procedure works and answering any questions or concerns you might have.

The reason implants can take so long with other dentists -- several steps are often required. For instance, you might require:

  • Extractions to remove previous teeth or pieces of a tooth.

  • Bone grafting to strengthen the jawbone.

Each of those procedures could require different appointments and sometimes even different dentists. But not when you’re getting teeth in a day from Dr. Nazarian!

For most patients, multiple extractions, bone grafting, implant surgery, and placement of replacement teeth CAN and DO occur within the same appointment.

This is where the advanced technology and special tools come into play. Using the computer software, Dr. Nazarian plans out the procedure and designs surgical guides. On the day of surgery, the surgical guide takes the guesswork out of dental implants. It is used to drill to the proper depths and angles, ensuring the implants are placed correctly and quickly.

This means, the day you arrive for your appointment for new teeth, you will walk out of the office with your implants placed!

15 Minutes or Several Hours?


One reason we are able to handle so many procedures and provide teeth in a day is our ability to provide sedation. Troy Dental Implants is equipped with state-of-the-art, hospital grade IV sedation instrumentation.

Typically, when you’re at a dental appointment, minutes can feel like hours. But Dr. Nazarian’s knowledge and skills regarding sedation dentistry can change the perception of a dental appointment -- making hours feel like minutes!

Imagine...safely and simply going to sleep and then waking up with new teeth!

Not only that, we keep patients comfortable. Most patients who experience full mouth reconstructive surgery are comfortable eating complete meals later the same evening or by the next morning.

Follow-up Appointments

You can expect to have a few follow-up appointments to ensure everything is settling properly. The implants actually need 3-6 months to completely heal and fuse with your jawbone before your permanent teeth are placed on the implants. Because of this, many implant patients express concerns about being toothless for 3-6 months.

But don’t our office, regardless of how many teeth get removed or how many implants are placed, no one leaves without teeth. We provide a temporary tooth during your appointment so that you walk out of our office with new teeth and a new smile...all in the same day!

Schedule Your Appointment

If you want to get new teeth, then now is the time! Contact us today to schedule your appointment, or you can ask Dr. Nazarian questions directly via our online Ask The Dentist Form.

Dr. Nazarian has an exemplary record and extensive experience with assuring the best comfort imaginable for every patient. You won’t regret getting new teeth in a day from Dr. Nazarian.