Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants: What is Involved?


There are several reasons a patient might require full mouth reconstruction. For instance, excessive tooth decay or an accident that broke your teeth.

No matter what your situation, fixing your smile is possible thanks to dental implants. The goal is always to provide patients with healthy teeth so they can enjoy smiling and eating again.

Although some people choose to live with missing teeth, we highly recommend replacing them. Not only do they impact the way we look or speak, but missing teeth can also compromise your bite by causing extra pressure in certain areas or deteriorating your jawbone.

Traditionally, missing teeth were replaced by removable dentures. These often frustrated people because they moved around, interfered with speech, were uncomfortable, and always came out at the wrong time.

Fortunately, there is a better way…with dental implants providing a more permanent solution. They look natural and feel great, and implants can replace individual teeth or entire rows if required.

At Troy Dental Implants, Dr. Nazarian developed special methods of implant dentistry to “rescue” the denture patient and those with debilitated teeth needing complete reconstructions.

Below you can read about the various steps that are involved with a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants.



Dr. Nazarian starts with an initial evaluation. If you come to the office because of an accident or emergency, Dr. Nazarian will inspect the damage and determine if an extraction is required. Anesthetics can be administered to remove pain and we will clear the broken tooth.

For non-emergency cases, Dr. Nazarian will use CoDiagnostix software to take revolutionary 3D scan images of your jaw and teeth. This will allow him to determine if you are a good candidate or if you require bone grafting (see below for more information).

Using advanced computer software, Dr. Nazarian will discuss treatment options, thoroughly explain the implant procedure, and answer any questions or concerns regarding dental implant treatment.

Each situation is unique and the software allows us to quickly identify your particular needs and chart a path forward.

Treatment Planning:

Next, Dr. Nazarian will use the CoDiagnostix software to virtually plan your surgery. It doesn’t matter if you need one implant or full mouth reconstruction, he can plan every step of your surgery with the 3D images of your mouth.

From this information, he will determine the precise placement of your implants and have a surgical guide fabricated. Although this post focuses on implants, we do offer other options for a full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Nazarian will discuss these options during your consultation and treatment planning.

Bone Grafting:


Bone grafting is required for patients who have experienced bone loss where the implant will be added. This can occur after a tooth has been removed because the body sometimes reabsorbs the section of jawbone that is not being used. Dental implants require enough bone support to hold properly, and so we must first resolve this problem.

Bone grafting solves this issue by rebuilding the patient’s jaw with human bone. Once a better foundation is laid, we can then proceed to the next stage.

Dental Implants: Preparation

Placing implants is a two-step process. It begins with surgery to install the actual implants into your jawbone. Special techniques for sedation are available for the fearful patient, and anesthetic will always be used to minimize the pain. Dr. Nazarian uses the surgical guide, prepared during treatment planning, to drill to the proper depths and angles. This allows the implants to be placed with the most accurate orientation.

The guide takes the guesswork out of dental implant surgery, giving patients a solution they can depend on with shortened treatment time. Dr. Nazarian then places the dental implants and confirms fixation with the Osstell meter. Patients experience little to no postoperative discomfort when utilizing these advances in technology.

Dental Implants: Delivery


The implants, however, do not look like teeth yet. They start as posts that go into your gums and jawbone. Once these posts are installed, we need to actually cover them with fake teeth, designed to match your natural look. For some patients, we can do this all in one appointment. Others may need a few months before the second step of the process can be completed. The implants need enough time to become firmly planted into your jaw.

But don’t worry! We never let our patients leave a reconstruction appointment toothless. During your appointment, we will provide temporary teeth and place them on the dental implants until the more permanent solution is ready to be placed.

Once the implant is fully healed, we will use the Osstell meter to confirm osseointegration and deliver your new permanent teeth. Each tooth is made in a laboratory, guided by our 3D imaging technology to perfectly match any natural teeth you have and give you a perfect smile. You can expect your new implant to be comfortable, with the same look and function of a healthy, natural tooth.


What now?

Here at Troy Dental Implants, we’ve worked with countless patients. It is our passion to restore people’s smiles, providing high quality implants that endure. Not only will they improve your smile, but they can also improve your oral health with a better bite and reduced pain.

If you’ve had an accident, or just want to fix the holes in your mouth from tooth decay or removal, then contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nazarian. We are located in Troy, Michigan and love meeting new patients!

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